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Saskatchewan Waterfowl and Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting



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Saskatchewan Waterfowl and Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting

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Shawn Nyholt was born and raised on a farm near North Battleford , Saskatchewan in a area that is recognized for its world famous waterfowl and whitetail deer hunting. It was here as a young boy, countless hours and cold early mornings were spent following his father through duck marshes or tracking big weary old whitetails to have that one chance to make it happen. These years were the start of what his life is about today. At the age of 30 Shawn’s dreams really came to surface in 2005 when Waterfowl hunting became his main focus. Co-owning and operating a waterfowl guiding business has provided him more time in the field as well as a chance to sharing stories. Developing friendships and ideas with fellow hunters is something he looks forward to ever hunting season. 

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Blair Michaud was born and raised on a farm 20 miles west of North Battleford, Saskatchewan with an instilled love of farming, I went to the University of Saskatchewan and received a diploma in agriculture, spending 7 years working and producing hybrid canola seed throughout western Canada and in southern California. My wife and I lived in Lethbridge, Alberta for five years during that time. In 2003 I had the opportunity to purchase a waterfowl guiding business with my partner Shawn Nyholt. My availability to guide was minimal in the beginning as I was too far from the camp’s location. My partner Shawn has successfully developed the guiding business to be where it is today. In 2007, I decided to change careers and become a Registered Nurse as a result, my family and I have since moved back home to North Battleford and I am currently working in the Intensive Care Unit at the Battleford Union Hospital. I have a wonderful wife and daughter, Jamie and Paige who have been very supportive during my career change and goal of running a guiding business. As a family we are very excited to be back in North Battleford and pursue our dream of developing an exceptional guiding business. 


Saskatchewan Waterfowl

Saskatchewan Waterfowl

Saskatchewan Canada Goose Hunting

Saskatchewan Waterfowl

Saskatchewan Waterfowl

Saskatchewan Canada Goose Hunting

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Outfitters - Saskatchewan Canada Goose Hunting

Nestled in the vast Prairie Pothole Region, home to millions of migrating waterfowl, base camp is just 15 minutes west of North Battleford Saskatchewan Canada along the North Saskatchewan River. 

North Battleford is situated 1hour 10 minutes west from the International Airport in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  This makes for easy travel to and from our camp. 

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Hunt Packages September through October
Pro-Staff Outdoors offers our waterfowl hunters an elegant executive cabin that boasts numerous amenities that have been recently renovated; such as custom designed kitchen with granite counter tops equipped with stainless steel fridge, stove, dishwasher, custom granite island with bar area, large wood burning fireplace, hot tub off deck, full main floor bath and ¾ ensuite. All areas in the cabin have vaulted ceiling with cedar wood finish that illuminates a rustic appearance with full modern amenities and large number of rake head windows with beautiful views of the lake. This is the perfect place for relaxing and reminiscing after an excellent day of hunting.  Pro Staff Outdoors will arrange a catered cook who will come to the lodge and serve meals.

In addition Pro-Staff Outdoors offers a brand new loft located next to the main lodge. The loft has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen with an open floor plan. The loft is nicely decorated with an electric fireplace, tv, dvd player and it has a 2 tier deck with a beautiful view of Murray Lake.

What to Bring:

  • Essentials (in addition to your regular bird hunting kit)
  • Camouflage - is a must. Advantage Wetlands, Fall Flight, Shadow Grass are all good patterns.
  • White coveralls for snow/speck hunting.
  • Snow/Canada/Speck goose and duck calls
  • Face Masks - Bring both white and camouflage face masks.
  • Hip Waders
  • Rain Gear
  • Backup Gun
  • 2 Boxes of Shells per day (Only steel shot used in Saskatchewan. We can arrange to supply you with shells)
  • Cooler (IF you plan on taking birds home, you must bring a cooler or make arrangements well in advance so we can purchase one for you. We recommend a large collapsible soft fabric cooler.)

All Inclusive packages
Contact us for pricing>>

Guides, Decoys, Blinds, Field Scouting, Accommodations and Meals.

Regulations - Limits in Saskatchewan
All hunters should familiarize themselves with the waterfowling regulations.

Type of Bird
Daily Limits in Saskatchewan
Posession Limits
8 (3 may be pintail)
24 (9 may be pintail)
Dark Geese (Canada, Lesser and Greater, White Fronted)
8 (3 may be White Fronted Geese)
24 (9 may be White Fronted Geese)
White Geese (Snow or Ross)

For Firearms information please visit 

Saskatchewan Hunting Regulations can be found at

We strongly encourage firearm pre-registration and processing

Call Customs at:
Regina - (306) 780-5218
Saskatoon - (306) 975-4755


Booking Requirements
A non-refundable deposit equal to one-half of the hunt price must be paid at the time of booking. Hunters who are unable to present themselves for the hunt may transfer their reservation and payment credits to another person who has been located and identified by him or her. Such transfer of payment credits is valid only for the reserved hunt time. If the number of hunters changes from the original reservation, prices will be adjusted accordingly.


Saskatchewan Deer Hunting

Saskatchewan Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada

Saskatchewan Deer Hunting

Saskatchewan Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Outfitters - Saskatchewan Deer Hunting

Non Resisdent and Canadian Resident Whitetail Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada

The team at ProStaff Outdoors is excited to announce the addition of Whitetail deer hunting to our outfitting business. The area acquired is locted in North West Saskatchewan, in some of the world's best Whitetail Deer habitat. Our hunting area is approximately 75,000 acres of forest which backs on to farmland. We take pride in going great lengths to guarantee safe, top quality hunting experiences. We like to ensure that every hunter receives the best service and hospitality that we can possibly provide.

Add this to our years of hunting/guiding experience and the love of the sport, you will find nothing less but an unforgettable experience….

Lakefront chalets all have three bedrooms, with a queen size bed in each room. Each cabin includes fridge, range, microwave, TV, radio, a three piece bath, patio, gas BBQ, gas fireplace and electric heat.

In addition the camp also offers a heated maintenance building where hunters and guides can cape their animal and package meat. Meat packaging material will be provided by your guides, however a personal cooler must be provided for transporting meat back home. Take note, coolers can be purchased upon arrival. 

The most common questions and concerns that first time deer hunters have.

What is the weather like and how cold is it when I will be hunting?
Saskatchewan fall and early winter seasons very from year to year. You might experience a range from mild, near freezing conditions to lots of snow and cold. Temperatures in the morning can range into the minus twenties but at Pro-Staff Outdoors we use stands with heaters which will keep you comfortable in extreme weather conditions.

What kind of stands do i use?
We use ladder stands, ground blinds, elevated blinds (8-10 feet up), double bow blinds and 1 man pop up tent blinds.

When is the Rut?
The rut in Saskatchewan can run any time in November. The pre-rut is usually the second week in November with bucks chasing. Does usually are not receptive. Week 3 and 4 in November usually brings the peak rut activity. 

What Caliber of gun should i use?
The bucks in our area have enormous body size therefore you want something that will stop them in their tracts the most common caliber is a 300. 7mm and 30.06. 

What happens to the trophy buck after i harvest Him?
When you harvest your trophy of a life time you have two options. First, we cape the animal and freeze the hide and clean up the skull for transport back home with you. Or, we cape the animal and ship it to a taxidermist within our province.

What are the normal tips?
Tips are not expected but they are appreciated. Our cooks and guides work very hard to make your hunt a trip of a lifetime. Most clients use 5-10% of the total cost of the hunt as a guide.

Is there airport transportation?
We do not supply airport transportation. It is your responsibility to get from the airport to the lodge. Once you arrive at the lodge we will take care of you after that. 

Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is allowed in the camp, but it is not supplied, please bring your own.

Is there cell service?
There is cell service in all areas of our camp

Do you have radios?
Yes, we have radios to communicate between guides and hunters. This adds another safety and convenience factor